About Between the Worlds

A Gem in the Rough


Hamilton Montana. A sleepy little town surrounded by the breath taking views of the sacred Bitterroot Mountains, the picturesque Bitterroot River where sanctuary is found by fishermen from all over the world. Not much happens here, time glides by slowly, and not much changes that is worth note (except for the weather).

Quietly nestled downtown on historic Main Street, a hidden gem of a business sits. A business that still continues to grow.

Between the Worlds, a metaphysical mecca to the surrounding areas of Western Montana. A destination spot to spiritual seekers. A safe haven that welcomes all, and judges none. On any given day of the week you can meet the witch that runs the shop, have a cup of coffee, and wander the shelves. Lively conversation happens daily with one or more of the "store friends" who stop in for a chat, a spiritual question, and sometimes even a spell.

You see, despite being in the center of a small conservative town, a spiritual community has grown around Between the Worlds. Acceptance is becoming more frequent. A following is forming, and Pagans and Christians alike frequent the shop, seeking answers, enlightenment, spiritual connection, and sometimes just to see if it is indeed as "scary" as the nay sayers would have you believe.

Today, as the townsfolk shake off the last lingering bits of winter, the shop windows have all begun to change. Between the Worlds is proudly hanging new signs, boasting their Bi-Annual Psychic and Healing Fair. Practitioners come from all over Montana, Idaho, and even as far reaching as the west coast, to offer their services.

The Hamilton Psychic and Healing Fair is one of the larger events that Hamilton has to offer. People from all over the north west flock to Between the Worlds to have their cards read, their aura's photographed, their chakras realigned, or just to experience the energy that the event holds. It is a downtown boom for those three days, as people shop the neighbooring stores and restaurants while they wait for their appointments. It is an exciting and exhausting 3 days for Between the Worlds, and it goes as quickly as it comes.

One might ask themselves, how is this mystical place succeeding? Community, love, and if you ask the witch, a little bit of magic.